Amit Bhadana
Amit Bhadana

Amit Bhadana is an amazing viner who is taking the world by his amazing vines with a pinch of haryanvi cum gujari language. He is the only viner in the Indian vines industry who does not use any abusive words.

Amit is my special favoruirte because he makes the vines based on actual lives and circumstances. Amit says that he observes people and based on this, he make the characters.

Wiki and Bio

STATUS In relationship with Riya Mavi (rumours)
NET WORTH 20,000-30,000 per day
SCHOOLING Lovely Buds school
BACHELOR’S DEGREE Delhi University
ACHIEVEMENTS Fastest growing youtube viner in India
BIKES AND CARS Toyota fortune, Mahindra Thar, Royal Enfield
CHANNELS Amit Bhadhana



Amit Bhadana is a person who loves to make people laugh. Earlier in his school days, he made everyone laugh. He is doing same by uploading amazing content on his page which is related to day to day activities that happen in the life of a person.

His amazing way of saying Rhymes and punches really attracts the viewers and Amit always has something new. His one of the famous punch line is,

Master bhi keh de isse naa pdhana, naaam ha isska Amit Bhadana

Amit’s content is purely made with obervation and lots and lots of thinking and creativity. His videos are scripted by him, he also edits them. It usually take him 10 to 15 days to fully complete the video.

The best thing about is channel is that he never abuse anyone. He says that ladke ladkiyo ko to sab hassa lete ha but unke parents ko hassana koi nahi sochta, so he makes content which can be seen by everyone.

One of my favorite video is this. And I think everyone should watch this. Every person who is looking for job or is already working please do not forget your parents. I actually cried while watching this video. I could totally relate. It is little bit long but I insist to watch this video.



You can contact Amit Bhadana on his email for business queries. Amit is very nice person by heart and he cannot say no to people and he loves his fans too much. I never messaged him but you can try to message him here.

Social Media and Sites

Youtube click here


Amit loved to entertain people and make them laugh. He was in law school and was serious about becoming a lawyer . One day he made a random dubbing video of Adele’s song Halo. He uploaded in his facebook. After few days he checked his facebook and it got many views and positive comments.

Amit Bhadana

He was motivated, so he created a facebook page and started uploading on it. Amit slowing got the fame which he never thought of. He then made his debut on youtube. But he wanted to make something different.

So his friends motivated him to make vines. At first he was really hesitant about whole vine thing but then he made it and was really sucessful. His sister was also very supportive about the whole vine thing. His family at first thought that he is into something really fishy.

According to Riya Mavi, Amit is very hardworking person and he gives 80% and the rest of the in total gives 20%.

He has faced a lot of critics based on his clothes and so called dehati style. But people do not understand is being an Indian there is a special thing about being called desi. I observed that in many of his videos he literally emphasise on Indian values and how they are depleting.


As I said earlier, his content revolves around day to day life of common man and their choti badi problems. His videos are little longer as compared to other viners but they have a beautiful messages in the end. Most of them do, others do not.

Not a single abuse on his channel, Hard to believe right? When this was asked to him, he said that gaali is not  a swag and he rarely abuse anyone. He calls his male fans brothers and female fans as friends and his gujari cum Haryanvi language is doing wonders. This literally taking the hearts of people.

Amit literally focus on his background and an essance of being Indian. What I observed is that he keeps reminding how important is it for India to follow our own culture. We are falling prey to western culture where evryone is admiring India from Outside but we ourselves are ashamed about our language and culture.

Here I have listed few videos


In this video Amit forgets about his marriage anniversary but is reminded of in office where his wife is coming back to the city from her mum’s home. Amit prepares for his anniversary in the last moment but when he reaches home he finds his wife nagging about he didn’t come to take her home while the couple makes fun of each other. watch here.


In this video he has shown how a relationship is between a desi boy and a modern girl. It is really cute video. Amit gives Papaya as a gift to his girlfriend while she expects something else from him and his way of talking is way too funny. Later in the video it is shown that his girlfriend is in the village and she feels hot there but later it turns out to be very very funny. watch the full video here.

Watch other videos here on his official page.

Amit Bhadana


Everyone starts small and gradually grow but Amit grew really fast and gained popularity real fast. It seems like public is loving him too much.

Youtube, he has 14,444,611 subscribers. dated 19 April 2019

Twitter, he has 88.4k subscribers

Instagram he has 2.4 million followers

Facebook page he has 6,373,579 likes.


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He has become my favorite viner. I literally love his messages in the end of most video. He is an inspiration that one can follow their passion and achieve what they want from their lives. Amit is having an amazing story behind which there must be lots of Struggle which we have not heard of.

Persistence is the key. Never give up for your dreams If you compromise now, you will always compromise that is why I am following my passion for music. I left my job as a teacher in a very renowned school of whole India.

In his life, there was a point of time where he had to choose between his passion or money and we all know what he chose. Start small, Start now. Do not wait for opportunity,make one yourself.

Thanks for reading my article. If you think I missed something, comment down. You can read more of articles about youtubers here on Being youtubers.


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