Sandeep Maheshwari
Sandeep Maheshwari

Sandeep Maheshwari, is an entrepreneur and a motivational speaker who is helping people by inspiring them and making them understand that it is possible. This amazing men made a multimillionaire company and climbed the ladder of success.


Wiki and Bio

NICKNAME Not known
STATUS Married to Neha Maheshwari
NET WORTH 2 million dollar
PROFESSION Entrepreneur, Motivational speaker, and Photographer
BACHELOR’S DEGREE Drop out of Kirori mall college, DU
ACHIEVEMENTS World record of clicking more than 10k pictures in 12 hours
BIKES AND CARS not known
CHANNELS Sandeep Maheshwari


Sandeep Maheshwari is a motivational speaker who is inspiring millions of people with his experiences. Well most of the people do youtube for earning money but Sandeep shares his video without ads and even his seminars are free of cost.

Sandeep really has amazing videos in his list and today’s youth do need Sandeep as a role model. It is due to people like Sandeep this world is keeping hope in themselves and others.

In this video, he tells how to end being shy and start being confident. How to be confident and have faith in oneself.

This video explains how to stay motivated all the time. He tells how our sedentary lifestyle affects our motivation power. We need time for ourself because no one else will do it for you. Observe yourself. Whether you are lethargic all the time or not and how mobile has effected our bodies. Sandeep also has a spirituality channel in which he talks about spirituality and how important it is for us and the people around us. People are getting weak, are drunken in their own ahankara and so Sandeep is helping people stay grounded.


Sandeep has not provided any email to contact him. Not even for business queries. But you can always message him on his social media account and try your luck. WWatchinghis videos I do not think he would reply. But we would try to get his contact information if possible.

Social Media and Sites

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When sandeep was in tenth standard, his father’s business collapsed due to some problems in his partnership. Sandeep saw his world collapse. He thought kuch to karna hoga and he got the desire.He tried many things and joined some companies. In college years, he started modelling. Sandeep had big hopes for himself. He started modelling from his college itself and sterted getting rejections as soon as he started entering the industry. He then took photography classes for two week and started his photography sessions He rented the studio. Sandeep started getting money out of it but he stopped in between when the competeion went really high. How could have the hardworking survive the professionals.

He then set up his own company making portfolios which was not really sucessful.He then joined a Japanese company and earned more than 1 lakh per month.He then made his own company with his three collegues from the company and he left that Japanese company . But later after six month he was kicked out from his own comapny.Then he decided to write his own book and he did so by marketing the book in reverse order . He read many books at that time and learned a lot from it. His book was a failure.Then again he had a burning desire. He then made Images Bazar where he paid models and gave them projects and till now this company is running very smoothly.



His content is all about in spiring people. He is one of those who has two words in his mouth always, “easy hai”. This has helped him in his life and he teaches people to take challanges this way that it shouldn’t be a challenge to you. Every setback opens up new opportunities. He has two channels. One for motivational speaking videos and others for spiritual videos. He shares all the contents for the welfare of people as he does not even have ads in any of the videos. Most of his contents are so amazing that there are always views in millions

Sandeep is doing his best in inspiring and helping people. Today’s youth needs such guidenc. It is really easy to desert from the destiny but moden gurus like Sandeep comes to the rescue of people.



His love story with his wife started in his school in 11th standard. His wife got attracted to him when she first saw him in the reception. Sandeep did not see her but she saw him. Later when they met in school he also got attracted to her. But he felt negative about himself.

His did not have confidence in his positive traits. They then became friends with each other. Then he started thinking that something can happen between the two. He asked her to bunk but he didn’t show, he went to the school but she was out there

In 12th they grew apart from each other becuse Sandeep wanted to study a lot. His financial condition was really bad at that time.So, he wanted to do something and and stabelize himself. Then after all the struggle he married her and now have two kids.


Youtube-  on his seminars channel he has around 10,275,609 subscribers and on his spirituality channel he has 721,044 subscribers

Instagram- He has 540k followers

Facebook- He has 8.6M likes on his official page

Twitter- He has 167K followers


Here is some photos collection of Sandeep Maheshwar(All images copyrighted to Respected owner, We are not the owners.)

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Again Sandeep is a really big example of one of the greatest leaders. He inspires and motivates and moreover he is giving back to the society unconditionally. It doesn’t matter how much money you earn unless you are not giving it back to the society.

Sandeep proves that helping people is his greatest agenda and how  he is changing the lives of millions of people. Everyone can earn but to give back to society is a must task. He is an inspiration to every youth. Work hard and ye easy ha. Vo karsakta ha to me bhi kar sakta hu.

We all grew up taking the lies told by people around us. We were feeded that we cannot do this cannot do that etc. But when we look around and see those people who actually did it were no different. All are the same. Just the kind of hardwork one is ready to do.

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