Technical Guruji Gaurav Chaudhary(Technical Guruji)

GGaurav Chaudhary, known as Technical Guruji, is an Indian YouTuber, and engineer as a profession. He is the Biggest Indian tech Creator with over 12 million subscribers on the platform.

Gaurav Chaudhary Wiki & Bio

Here are other Personal life Information

Nickname Guruji
Relationship Status Single
Net worth 86.2k -1.4m$
Profession Family business, Youtuber (Hobby)
Schooling Kendriya Vidyalaya (Bikaner)
Bachelors Degree B.TECH From Bikaner City
Masters Degree M.E in Micro-Electronics from BITS Pilani Dubai Campus
Achievements Dubai Police Certified Security System Engineer, Nano Science Researcher
Bikes He Owns HAYABUSA
Earning Sources Google Adsense, Sponsorship, Affiliate Marketing.
Channels  Technical Guruji (Main), Gaurav Chaudhary (Vlogging)

technical guruji logo

Technical Guruji YouTube Channel

This channel was created on 18th October 2015, His motive behind creating this channel is to make easy to understand, Tech Videos in Hindi, He just wants each and every individual whoever is interested in technology to be able to understand it in the easiest possible way. He posts two videos daily, on topics that cover the latest technology and tech news.

Contact Details

You can Contact Technical Guruji Via Email Only. Here we have attached Official email id of Technical Guruji. If you want Technical Guruji’s Phone Number then it’s not possible here, you can get it by meeting him personally.

You can also follow him on social media

Social Media and Sites

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Mr, Gaurav chaudhary, started making videos with Mr Praval sharma on his channel known as sharmaji Technical. Both were from same college and had little contact. But one day, Technical Guruji decided to contact his old friend and started making videos on his channel as he did not had his own channel. He uploaded some videos on Sharmaji’s channel and you can watch his one of the old video here:

At that time, there were very few youtubers who made videos in Hindi. It is said that Sharma ji Technical is one of the pioneers in Hindi Tech videos. Slowly slowly their friendship deepened and Gadget To Use, Technical Guruji and Sharmaji Technical formed an alliance and started working together which was named as GTS. Unfortunately after many days, they had arguments among them and so the alliance broke. (If you know something about this controversy, do comment.we will add it here)

He also started promoting new channels those time. He give a chance to every creator to make a Video and Upload to Technical Guruji Channel.

After that Technical guruji never looked back and within these three years he achieved what no other youtuber could achieve. After Mr Ambani’s greatest project in the history of India, i.e JIO, it changed the direction for young Indian youtubers and now they are moving at the same pace as any other youtuber in the world, where Technical guruji is one such youtuber. If we talk about his subscriber milestone, then you should refer the chart down here.

technical guruji 1k Subs on Nov 1 2015

Technical Guruji Channel Subscriber Milestones

1000 Subscriber (1K) 01 Nov 2015
10,000 Subscriber (10K) 02 Jan 2016
100,000 Subscriber (100K) 11 May 2016
555,555 Subscriber (500K) 26 Nov 2016
1,000,000 Subscriber (1M) 25 Feb 2017
10,000,000 Subscriber (1M0) 15 Nov 2018
Now See The Live Subscriber count fromhere Live now

How Technical Guruji became  so popular?

Well if you are  also a creator then this is  going to help you a lot. You can use Technical Guruji’s startagies to grow Your Channel very fast.

  • The besic Tips he Follow to grow his Channel are  below
  • He make videos on Popular and Trending Topics
  • Uploading videos in a Strong Time Table (2 Videos in a Day)
  • Every videos has a meaning full content and viewers are satisfied with solution.
  • Promote through Adwords.(From the YouTube Earnings)

Last but not in the least is Givaway & Unboxing of New Smartphones. If you  go to Guruji’s Channel and sort all videos to most popular, you can see 14 Unboxing videos from top 20 Popular Videos. and also 75% of the Popular videos is Unboxing and Givaway.

Video Content

Main topic of the Channel is ‘Explaining Technology‘ in Daily life usages,  ‘Tech New‘ and ‘Opinionabout new Smartphones at the Begining. but when he got more popular inthe industry ,Brands started sending him Smartphones. Now his Main Topics are Unboxing, Tech Talks, and Sunday Tech Masala.

YouTube Gears

Want to know about YouTube Gears of Gaurav Chaudhary? Well This is very important for every creator to have the best and perfect gears to make videos. Here I have discussed all the equipment that Guruji use on his channel to make videos.

At the begining Gaurav Chaudhary started making videos with his smartphone Samsung galaxy note 5 front camera and edit it on iMovie Video editor (Macbook 2015).

All the upgraded gears of Guruji re given below and you can click the link to check those products.


  • Sony a7 III Buy Now ₹168,600
  • Canon PowerShot G7 X Mark II Buy Now ₹37,930
  • Canon 80D Buy Now ₹78,999
  • GoPro Hero 5 Buy Now ₹27,990

Camera Lence:

  • Sony 12-24mm f/4-22 Buy Now $1,698
  • Sony 20mm F2.8
  • Sigma 18-35mm f/1.8 DC for Canon. Buy Now ₹1,23,770 (Regular Video useges)
  • Canon EF-S 10-18MM STM Zoom Lens Buy Now ₹17,990 (For Vlogging)

PC & Laptop:

  • Macbook Pro 2018 Buy Now ₹254,990

Mic Tripod:

  • Boya by-M1 Lav Microphone Buy Now ₹1000
  • Manfrotto Befree.  Buy Now ₹29,486


Video Editor – Technical guruji use iMovie Video editor which is a Free Software avilable on every Mac Device.

Photo Editor – He use an online Photo editor site called PicMonkey. Thumbnails can also be made by this softwre.

He used lots of Devices like iPods, iWatch, Google Pixle phone and more. But here we have  listed the main Youtube Gears that he used to create videos right now at 2019.

Technical guruji Galary


As well Gourav Chaudhary is an amazing man with High ersonality. in my openion he is a great insprition for all fello YouTubers. yes it’s right that he involved many controvarsy but at the end He prooved that he is not wrong.

As a Tech Creator Technical Guruji is the best Person for No. one possition on YouTub India in Tech Ceatogory.

If you agreed with me than share your toughts also n the comment section below. also do let us know what is the next YouTuber Bio you want on

Note: if you think there is a missing or wrong info then please report us we will fix that as soon as possible. Thank You!



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